Parts & Service




ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: For one (1) year from the date of purchase, MOBECO will repair or replace at their option to the original purchaser, free of charge, any of the following parts found upon examination by an authorized representative of MOBECO to be defective in material and/or workmanship: ——–Bearings, bushes, rubber components (except tire), plastic components (except body), electronic part (including electronic controllers, DC motor, light, battery, chargers, harnesses, and other electrical subassembly) NOTE: An increase in operational noise level usually occurs due to abusive and excessive strain on the scooter. Proper operation and maintenance prolong the warranty period.

This warranty does not extend to:

  • Those items which may require replacement due to normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: ABS Plastic Shrouds, Motor Brushes, Upholstery and Seating, Brake Pads, Tires and Tubes, Fuses/Bulbs
  • Circumstances beyond the control of MOBECO.
  • Labor, service calls, shipping, and other charges incurred for repair of the product, unless specifically authorized, in advance, by MOBECO limited
  • Repairs and/or modifications made to any part without specific consent from MOBECO
  • Contamination
  • Abuse, misuse, accident, or negligence • Battery fluid spillage or leakage
  • Commercial use, or use other than normal
  • Improper operation, maintenance, or storage

NOTE: Gradual deterioration in performance because the battery has been left in a discharged state, left in cold conditions for an extended period of time, or worn out through heavy use is not covered.

Service check must be performed by an authorized MOBECO provider. Do not return faulty parts to MOBECO without prior written authorization. All transportation costs and shipping damage incurred while submitting parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact your authorized MOBECO provider for information on the current cost associated with a service visit.