GF-01/GF-02 Portable Golf Buggy

This model can be easily dismantled to 4 parts (Front/Rear frame, battery pack and seat), and insure you can enjoy the 18 holes of golf on full charging.


Dimensions: 1460x705x1120 mm
Wheel size: 13″x6.50″-6.00 tire
Controller: Curtis 1228-2908
Weight: 106kg (incl. battery)
Battery: 2x12V/58Ah or 24v/45ah Lithium battery
Front/Rear frame/Seat/Battery: 23kg/38kg/13kg/32kg
Motor: 24v/1000W DC motor
Brake: magnetic brake
Max speed: 13.5km/H
Continuous range: 35km
Climbing grade: >15 degree
Load capacity: 200kg

T handle and throttle drive only


$2690.00(G.S.T. incl.)—2x12v/58ah lead-acid battery
$3090.00(G.S.T. incl.)—24v/45ah Lithium(≈ 2x12v/70ah lead-acid battery)

One year full warranty on all new manufactured parts and labor. Since the date of purchase, we will repair or replace at their option to original purchaser, free of charge.

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