Mobility Scooter Tips

Mobility scooters are battery-powered devices that are used by riders who have difficulty walking over medium to long distances. They are powered by quiet-running electric motors and come in three or four wheel models. They are also steered using handlebars that are attached to a vertical arm known as a tiller. There are following models.

Mobility Scooter (Portable model)
These scooters are collapsible and break into several pieces for easy storage in the trunks of most vehicles. Generally, they will have removable seats and rear drive assemblies (the rear wheels & battery compartment). The heaviest piece is between 40-60 lbs. Their Max load is between 200- 300lbs. They are suitable for indoor/outdoor excursion.

Mobility Scooter (Tricycle model)
These scooters are designed to have heavy-loading, long travel range, shockproof and forceful riding. Their load capacity is 300-400lbs.They are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mobility Scooter (Heavy model)
These scooters come with comfortable & capacious seat, superior control system, high efficient torque motor, and perfect protection device. Their load capacity is more than 400 lbs. They will make you to enjoy outdoor travel in all conditions.