Aluminum Hand Stacker

  • Easy Disassembling and assembling.
  • Light Aluminum mast, easy for handling.
  • Lift by winch, no any hydraulic problem.
  • Can fit into smaller spaces when disassembled.
  • The best brake function with special design is obvious.
  • Wheels on the mast also allow it to be used as a trolley.

                        BR-159/181                     BC-159/181   

C.E. Approval

Model STD-181 STD-227 BR-159 BR-181
Max Load Capacity 181kg/400lbs 227kg/500lbs 159kg/350lbs 181kg/400lbs
Max Lift Height 2.5m
3.1m(fork up)
1.8m(fork up)
3.6m(fork up)
Min height 90mm 90mm 50mm 50mm
W. Center 305mm 305mm 305mm 305mm
Dimension 89x63x172cm 89x63x172cm 110x112x201cm 110x112x172cm
N.W. 64kg 58kg 86kg 72kg
Ground Clearance 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Fork size 57x52cm 57x52cm 57x52cm 57x52cm
Price $1196 $1012 $1357 $1288
Model   BC-159 BC-181 PT-90
Max Load Capacity 159kg/350lbs 181kg/400lbs 90kg/200lbs
Max Lift Height 3.0m
3.6m(fork up)
3.1m(fork up)
Min height 50mm 50mm 50mm
W. Center 254mm 254mm 154mm
Dimension 117x736x202cm 117x736x172cm 78x54x192cm
N.W. 184/(110kgBW) 179/(110kgBW) 35kg
Ground Clearance 19mm 19mm 19mm
Fork size 57x52cm 57x52cm 33x52cm
Price   $1587 $1495 $690

All prices are including 15% G.S.T.
One year full warranties